Activity philosophy

ENJOY GOLF is a Japanese organization that aims to help foreign travelers who want to enjoy playing golf on Japanese golf courses without trouble.
We hope that our activities will promote international exchange as well on beautiful golf courses in Japan.
Many golf courses in Japan are well equipped and not far from airports, sightseeing spots or major cities. However, foreign tourists may find various inconveniences or complications when they try to enjoy playing golf in Japan.
On our website, Visiting Players (*) can select a golf course and make a reservation on our website.
Then one of our Accompanying Players (*) who will lead you to the golf courses, and play a round with you so that you would enjoy golf with no worries.
We hope our activity and efforts will spread around the world in the future and lead to international exchange through playing golf.

* Visiting Player: Those who are traveling or planning to travel to Japan from overseas and want to enjoy playing golf in Japan.
* Accompanying Player: Those who want to enjoy international exchange by enjoying golf play together while supporting transportation to the golf course and actions at the golf course so that Visitor Players can enjoy playing golf in Japan.


私達、ENJOY GOLFは、海外渡航者の方々が日本のゴルフ場でプレーを希望される時に、海外プレイヤー向け同行サービスとしてお手伝いします。